Sell My Art Online Art Gallery Fees and Success Fees

  • A standard listing fee is $5.00 per listing and the period of the listing is a choice of 1 month to 6 months. (less than $1/month for 6 month listing) The same listing fee applies for all durations.
  • Withdrawal of a listing before expiration of the listing will incur a fee of $15 and can be done by emailing
  • All sales are subject to a success fee of 10% of the Sell Price. The Success Fee is paid to Sell My Art by credit card using Top Up. An email will be sent to you advising of the amount of the Success Fee.
  • Sellers are paid 100% of the sale price directly by the buyer.

    Feature Listing

  • Feature Listing — A Feature Listing is in the top revolving banner line and the banner line is shown each time the website is opened or the home option is clicked. This gives increased exposure. The cost is $15.00. Check the box during the Sell listing.


  • The Gallery feature is available for sellers and artists who have 5 or more concurrent listings.   However this section must not contain any contact phone numbers, addresses or email addresses as per the Advertiser’s Agreement.