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Previously we were the owners of Art Bureau NZ Ltd based in Auckland  which specialised in hiring and  selling original New Zealand Art to the corporate world and the general public.  Our clients ranged from the largest legal firms to small consultancies, home staging and special events.

Our artists often told us they would like exposure to a much wider NZ art market at an affordable cost.

From these conversations we developed the concept of the online New Zealand art gallery web site called Sell My Art, which is designed to offer art sellers and art buyers an easy and more enjoyable method of selling, finding and buying New Zealand art online, with a large selection of art in one online art gallery, and had no boundaries.

The website has very low listing fees and success fees.  Artists are automatically included in the Gallery section when they have 5 or more concurrent listings.  You can establish your own online gallery.  All transactions are directly between the seller and buyer.

The standard listing runs for 6 months, although you can select a shorter period. If you are uncertain of the value of your work, also tick the Make an Offer option and you can then accept or reject any offer sent in by a potential buyer.

Another interesting extra is the Featured Listings scrolling banner heading on the front page. This position gives increased exposure to to your art and the featured art is changed regularly.

Sell My Art also offers regular 2 day art workshops based in Tauranga at Te Puna Quarry Park.  For these we invite  well known artists to share their techniques and tips.  Members of the art workshops range from beginners to accomplished artists.

Our aim is to make this the easiest way to sell and buy New Zealand art in an online NZ art gallery.

We hope you find interesting art in Sell My Art.


Yvonne & Philip


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From a recent article in the Bay of Plenty Times 24 August 2107

Yvonne Lambert

Online gallery brings art to public

Yvonne Lambert and husband Philip Brown have created Sell My art – an online gallery helping New Zealand artists sell their art online and providing an easy way for potential buyers to peruse art.
How does Sell My Art help artists ?
It offers artists throughout New Zealand the opportunity to showcase their work and reach a much wider art-loving audience than they might reach in their own area. They can have their own named online gallery within the website and add artworks whenever they wish. The artist is paid directly by the buyer and then they pay a low 10 per cent commission to Sell My Art . Interestingly, feedback from the art world in the United States suggests that artists who have their own individual websites are not finding it easy to reaching buyers, and the time used tinkering with their websites and the cost involved in promoting their own websites is not just not worth it. I believe buyers like to see a lot of different artists and styles of art on one website.
You are not doing this for the money, so why are you ?
I love art and I would love more New Zealanders to feel the same. We have a vibrant local New Zealand art scene which needs all the exposure it can get. So if I can contribute to this connection between artist and buyer, then I am happy.
Does the world’s love of online shopping apply to the arts ?
When we owned Art Bureau Gallery, we saw a steady annual increase in customers buying art from our website. We also monitored the length of time buyers spent browsing the online gallery. I think the record was more than eight house viewing in one stretch. Art buyers like to browse through the Sell My Art website at their own pace at any time they choose. They can be as casual or specific as they like, selecting art by artist, size, preferred colours, price, genre, theme and medium.
Tell me a bit about your career and your background
I started out as a secondary school teacher in Tauranga then travelled and studied interior design while living in Norway. Working for Auckland architects in the 1980’s I started my interior design business, including specifying art for a wide range of projects. In the 1990’s my husband and I renovated a big old villa in Devonport, Auckland and established a luxury bed and breakfast, winning Auckland and New Zealand tourism awards for hosted accommodation. After this we created the SelectionsNZ B&B Book and were involved in the sales and marketing of this publication. The next business was Art Bureau NZ Ltd, which leased New Zealand art to the Auckland corporate world. This was a fascinating business selecting and placing New Zealand art into boardrooms, office receptions, private homes or for film and television. Each time we installed an artwork we explained the story behind the artist.
How did you become involved in the arts ?
I started going to night school painting in New Plymouth about 25 years ago and was hooked. Then I attended workshops and classes in Auckland on a regular basis. Every time I travelled overseas I felt compelled to check out every gallery I could find, absolutely falling in love with Sante Fe, a town that has only about 80,000 people but 90 fantastic galleries. When Art Bureau came up for sale it gave me the perfect opportunity to combine my fascination with art and a background in business and interior design. We dressed dozens of blank walls in offices and homes across Auckland and Wellington, promoting the incredible talent of our New Zealand artists and sharing the rental with them.
Being from Auckland, what’s your opinion of Tauranga’s art community ?

The Tauranga Art Gallery was the most obvious hub when I first arrived and I am very happy to support it as a Friend of the Gallery. The popularity of the Paradox exhibition shows that people here have a thirst for art. I would love to have a lot more dealer galleries in prominent locations to visit. Apart from Sell My Art, I have been arranging art workshops in Tauranga at Te Puna Quarry Park and I know there are dozens of creative people looking for serious tuition and a way of connecting with other artists. Once you engage with art you start seeing possibilities everywhere.