Sell My Art Online Gallery – Help and Specifications

Sell My Art Gallery Online Gallery – Help and Specifications

Image Size and Type

  • You can upload up to 5 images.  We recommend image sizes of max 1 mb in size with a png or jpg format.  Image size should not exceed 1 MB per image.
  •  We recommend that one of your images shows the art on a wall near a doorway where the viewer can visualise the size.
  • Images need to be of very good quality to show well.


My Account

Sell My Art Online Gallery

Sell My Art Online Gallery


Sell My Art My Account Menu

Clicking on My Account brings up a menu line to manage your listings and activities on the site.  The options available are SOLD, PENDING PAYMENT (items with listing fees to be paid), LISTINGS, MY PURCHASES, WATCHLIST, OFFERS RECEIVED, OFFERS MADE & UNSOLD ( items that have expired and need to be renewed).

Creating a listing on Sell My Art

1. Login or Register
2. Select


from the top menu bar
3. Fill in the required information.

Category / Sub Category — Sub Category options pops up after the Category is selected.
Colour Range — select the predominant colours, not every colour.
Allow Offers – this option allows potential buyers to make an offer for your artwork. It is your decision to accept or decline. The offer is sent to you directly by email.
Listing Ends On — The standard listing is for 6 months. You may choose a shorter period. The cost is the same for all time periods.
Payment Method — the way you will accept payment for your sale.
Shipping/Pickup — choose your option. Selecting Shipping within New Zealand brings up a drop down menu for you to put in the cost of shipping directly to the buyer within New Zealand.
Feature Listing — A Feature Listing is in the top revolving banner line and the banner line is shown each time the website is opened or the home option is clicked. This gives increased exposure.
Payment Options — by credit card after each listing or if you are making multiple listings, create a balance in your account and pay by account balance each time.

Payments for Purchases

Payment for purchases of art are made directly between the seller and buyer. Sell My Art is not involved in this process. The Success Fee is paid to Sell My Art by credit card using Top Up. An email will be sent to you advising of the amount of the Success Fee.

Sell My Art Gallery Online Gallery – Help and Specifications