Advertiser’s Agreement Sell My Art Online Gallery

What is this Agreement?

  • This agreement (and its terms and conditions) is between you and for the advertisement of goods to be listed on the website;
  • “You” is defined as the person named in your Account Profile;

This agreement covers individual persons and commercial advertisers.

  • To list goods for sale (advertise), you must:
  • Be a private seller or dealer;
  • Pay the applicable advertising fee ;
  • Have a valid email address;
  • Have current and correct information on the subject item for sale including current photographs, condition and any other information deemed relevant to aid in a successful sale:
    • Photographs must be in JPEG or GIF format;
    • Must not have persons in them;
    • Must not be altered or contain watermarks;
    • Must not contain phone numbers or email addresses
  • The goods must be located in New Zealand;
  • Be the owner of the goods and provide any and all documentation to prove such ownership to the goods as requested by the purchaser, and/or at its discretion;
  • Keep secret your account login details including passwords etc. If your password has been disclosed to another party, or compromised in any way, you must change it immediately;
  • Not offer any service, offer, competition or similar in the ad;
  • Comply with all relevant laws;
  • Not offer any illegal products, present misleading, fraudulent or deceptive information in the ad;
  • Ensure the ad does not infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights of any corporate entity or natural persons;
  • Not have any links to any other website in the ad;
  • Not have any personal contact information (numbers, email address etc) in the ad;
  • Comply with all the Website Terms and Conditions;
  • will endeavour to ensure your ad is published in as close to its original content as possible (and subject to the listing terms and conditions). You acknowledge that is not responsible for any errors, omissions or any other issues with the ad;
  • Once published on the website you may remove it at any time by contacting SellMyArt by email and requesting a withdrawal. Ads removed by you will be subject to a withdrawal fee;
  • There is no refund of any advertising fees;
  • Acceptance and publication of your ad does not guarantee it will be sold;
  • may also publish your ad on other websites, search engines, social media platforms and any other platforms at its own discretion;
  • reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or terminate any ad that breaches its term and conditions or any other reason it deems necessary;
  • If any of the material in the ad is subject to copyright, license or any other intellectual property right, you automatically grant the right to publish this material on its website;
  • You agree to indemnify against threatened or actual financial loss, costs, claims or damage which may arise from any breach whatsoever caused by the material and content listed in your ad;

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The Goods:

  • Must be available for immediate sale;
  • Must be listed in the appropriate category of this website. If the existing categories are not suitable please contact us and we may be able to add another category or direct you accordingly;